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McBride Corporate Real Estate’s John D’Amato and James McNerney Recognized on CoStar Power Broker Quarterly Deals List

McBride Corporate Real Estate, a leading tri-state area commercial real estate brokerage firm, proudly announces that Executive Vice President John D’Amato and Senior Vice President James McNerney were recently recognized on the CoStar Power Broker Quarterly Deals List for their work on the sale of a property in the Meadowlands

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How Does Eminent Domain Impact a Commercial Real Estate Lease?

Eminent domain is a phrase that can strike fear in the hearts of many landowners. It means that governments have the authority to ”take” property from an owner without their consent. It is, however, not an unlimited power. There are two caveats: the first is the owner must be paid

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The Different Types of Commercial Real Estate: Part II

In a previous blog, I discussed four of the eight types of commercial real estate: office, industrial, flex, and retail. Today we’ll go into the other four basic groups: mixed use, hotel, multifamily, and land. Multifamily All residential properties excluding single family homes fall into this category. It can be

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Negotiating a Commercial Property Lease: Insurance Clauses

In our last blog, we began discussing commercial leases. As I wrote, the most accurate way to describe a commercial lease is to call it a document that limits the rights and increases the obligations of a tenant and enhances the ability of a landlord to receive more than that

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What is a Commercial Lease?

Someone knowledgeable in legal semantics or commercial real estate terms would probably describe a commercial lease as a contract by which one party conveys real estate, equipment, or facilities for a specified term and rent. And they would be correct, to a point. If you look beyond the sea of

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Pros and Cons of Leasing Commercial Real Estate

Previously, we discussed the pros and cons of buying versus leasing a building for your company operations. In this piece, we will outline the benefits and drawbacks of leasing commercial real estate. When choosing whether to buy or lease commercial property, one of the reasons many business owners prefer to

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Buying Commercial Real Estate – Is it Right for You?

If you have a business, and need a place to operate, you have an important decision to make – buying vs. leasing commercial real estate. There are positive and negative aspects to each option. Today we will try to help you make an informed decision on buying vs. leasing commercial

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An open floor plan office provides the perfect opportunity for hoteling.

The Pros and Cons of Hoteling Office Space

When the COVID-19 pandemic hit, many companies transitioned their operations from a daily physical office space to remote or hybrid work options for the safety and wellbeing of their employees, leaving many offices deserted. Firms with office space in commercial office buildings have begun a new facet of space usage

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The Different Types of Commercial Real Estate

To continue our introduction of the commercial real estate market, I thought it would be helpful to review the various types of commercial buildings. Commercial real estate classification can be broken down into eight basic groups: Office Industrial Flex Retail Multifamily Hotel Mixed use Land Each commercial property classification can

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The Difference Between Commercial and Residential Real Estate

Although I’ve written a number of blogs on the various aspects of commercial real estate, such as commercial subleases, sale/leasebacks and OPEX pass throughs, I thought it would be a good idea to go back to the basics for those who have an interest, but not the experience, in commercial

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