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Connection Program

McBride Introduction Program

Connection Program – Commercial Real Estate Referrals

If you are a residential broker, you may be working on high-value real estate sales. In your dealings, you may meet business owners or senior executives who are interested in buying commercial real estate for their business. As you know, residential and commercial real estate require different expertise, and you may not have the time or familiarity with the nuances of commercial real estate to help your residential clients navigate those transactions. McBride Corporate Real Estate does. And we offer commercial real estate referral fees to brokers who can connect us to their residential clients for commercial properties. Through our commercial real estate referral program, you could receive a sizable commission.

Partnering with McBride for commercial real estate commission splits is win-win.

Introduce your residential real estate clients who are potential commercial clients to McBride and let our seasoned pros do what we do best. Our real estate referral fee agreements give you the flexibility to be as involved as you’d like. When the deal is closed, you’ll get a large check. It’s as simple as that.

How do referral fees work in real estate? Our commercial real estate referral rate is 25%.

If you introduce us to a new client, and we help them purchase a 30,000 square foot industrial building that sells for $130 per foot, you could earn as much as $195,000.  Not bad for making an introduction.

McBride Corporate Real Estate operates based on the central principles of integrity, good judgment, and competent service in each transaction. We bring those same virtues to our interactions paying referral fees to individual brokers.

We look forward to partnering with you. For more information about how our commercial real estate referral program can benefit you, please call Robert T. Tillsley, SIOR, President at 201-848-6107.

*Please note, federal and state laws preclude McBride from paying real estate referral fees to non-agents.