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McBride Corporate Real Estate Helps Nonprofit Serve Its Community

McBride Corporate Real Estate Helps Nonprofit Serve Its Community


A local nonprofit faced a challenge that needed a unique, tailored solution. With a mission to provide enhanced education opportunities to people with autism, the organization needed more room to serve their community, but required a specialized space to meet their distinctive needs. Having worked with the organization since 2006, McBride was familiar with their services and specific requirements. When the organization’s operations outgrew their space in Garfield, NJ, they subsequently worked with McBride to find and secure an eight-acre land site in Oakland, NJ as well as navigate the permitting process to build a 25,000 square-foot state-of-the-art educational facility for students with autism. When the organization needed additional facility space close to Oakland, they once again turned to McBride to locate and purchase a 22,000 square-foot former daycare center in Franklin Lakes, NJ. The organization’s ability to expand was built on the solid foundation created by their 17-year relationship with McBride Corporate Real Estate.


The REED (Resources for Effective Educational Development) Academy is a nonprofit and leading school for individuals with autism. Through evidenced-based, individualized education, partnerships with families, and cutting-edge technology, REED Academy provides a high-quality education for students from towns throughout northern and central New Jersey. The organization began as a group of parents eager to find the right education for their children with autism, housed in two small rooms in Washington Township, NJ, that eventually expanded to a facility in Garfield, NJ. After outgrowing their Garfield space, McBride worked with REED Academy to find and procure eight acres of land in Oakland, NJ. This partnership included support from McBride to obtain the required permits and approvals for the construction of a 25,000 square-foot facility. When the organization needed an additional facility to meet the growing needs of their students, they were challenged to find a location that was not only close to their existing facility in Oakland but could also accommodate a functional education space for kids and young adults ages 3 to 21 with special needs to learn, grow, and thrive.


McBride was honored when REED Academy again enlisted their support to help them find a larger space near their Oakland facility, especially considering their long-standing relationship spanning almost 20 years. Knowing how critical their facilities are to helping REED Academy do their important work serving their community, McBride utilized other existing long-term client connections to find REED Academy a corporate real estate “needle in a haystack” – a nearby location that mirrored their existing facility.


One of the pillars of REED Academy’s learning approach is providing exceptional environments made for learning through warm and inviting state-of-the-art schools. To support that endeavor, McBride helped find the perfect fit for REED Academy’s next facility – a 22,000 square-foot former daycare center they were able to renovate and host a grand opening for in time to celebrate the organization’s 20th anniversary. Since the building was previously owned by another McBride longtime client, the Borough of Franklin Lakes, we also helped REED Academy navigate a myriad of bureaucratic red tape and zoning processes to purchase and renovate the building as well as procure a subdivision of a larger parcel of land also owned by the Borough. The new location includes wide hallways, bathrooms in every classroom, and an enclosed, open atrium to use as a playground, essential features to assist and care for students with autism and other special needs as well as children with severe challenging behaviors.

At McBride, real estate is our business, but relationship-building is our specialty. When you work with us, we strive to be your true partners and treat you as more than a transaction. McBride gives you a team of seasoned experts who regard your success as their success. As your organization grows and develops, let McBride Corporate Real Estate support your corporate real estate needs every step of the way. Please contact us today.